Tracey D. Lawrence

Tracey D. Lawrence, founder of Scribe Ink, is a freelance writer and editor, serving as a collaborative writer and researcher for academia, ministries, and other organizations. She has served in the publishing industry for the past nine years, working with Word, Zondervan, Tyndale, Thomas Nelson, Group Publishing, Time Warner and others.  Mrs. Lawrence also has served on theological committees, marketing strategy teams, and other editorial committees for her clients. Some writing projects include: "When Churches Unite" (NavPress), "PK Men's Study Bible", "CounterCultural Christians: Exploring a Christian Worldview" with Charles Colson, "Foundations of Church History, Part 1", "Learn It, Live It" study on prayer, and "Playing God?". She also serves the Wilberforce Forum, a division of Prison Fellowship, as a contract writer and course instructor. Scribe Ink has served various institutions within the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities; Focus on the Family, Group Publishing, Gary Smalley, Glenn Wagner, author and founder of FutureLead; curriculum writer for the Wilberforce Forum; Thomas Nelson Publishing, and others.

Tracey D. Lawrence (M.A., D. Phil) is a freelance writer and founder of Scribe Ink, Inc. She holds a B.S. in Christian Education, an M.A. in Church History and Theology, and has earned a doctorate in philosophy.  She received the Silver Quill award for her academic qualitative research on genocide and is also a New York Times Best Sellers List author.  Tracey lives in Northern Colorado with husband, Noel, and two children, Jack and Blaise-Noel.


"Through writing, I have learned more about the importance of truth. And, truth is paradoxical. Such as, faith without works is dead, yet we can only be saved through Jesus Christ. Or, we have fellowship with Christ when we suffer, yet His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Embracing all dimensions of His wisdom requires divine intervention. Often, He has to rescue us from our flattened view of Him. We need to ask God to show us that sacred margin of where we can truly live in the groove of His Truth." --Tracey D. Lawrence



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