Published Works


A Beautiful Breaking

By Chalae Cartledge with Tracey D. Lawrence

Scribe Ink/2014







A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break

By Gary Hamilton with Tracey D. Lawrence

Scribe Ink/2012

In this memoir of redemption, Gary Hamilton tells his story of intense struggle and profound tragedy that he was called to bear.  As a man who attests to the faithfulness of God, Gary traces the hand of providence on his life, even before he knew Jesus as His Loving Savior.  Surviving drugs, prison, paraplegia, and loss, his life witnesses to how God can turn suffering into unexpected blessings.  Just when you think life cannot possibly hit one man with another blow, Gary's story challenges the threshold of pain, surprisingly pushing and pointing others toward the God of grace.

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The Shelter of God's Promises - DVD Based Bible Study

By Sheila Walsh with Tracey D. Lawrence

Thomas Nelson/2011

Discover the power of God's promises with Sheila Walsh's DVD-Based Bible Study. Each of the 10 weeks contains 5 daily lessons. The group meeting starts with a 25 minute video, then breaks into group discussion and ends with prayer. Learn how to trust God, who is holding the entire universe together, to hold you together, even when everything seems to be falling apart.

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My Father, Maker of the Trees

Eric Irivuzumugabe with Tracey D. Lawrence - Baker Publishing

Baker Publishing/2009

A compelling memoir of a genocide survivor, Eric Irivuzumugabe.  Eric's testimony is about God's sovereignty in the midst of profound suffering.  His account of survival will inspire readers to persevere through the dark seasons of life and dare to hope.

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Two Faced-Truth:  Embracing The Tension In God's Word

by Tracey D. Lawrence

A careful look at paradoxes in Scripture. (COMING SOON!)






Loved! Stories of Forgiveness

Tracey D. Lawrence - contributing author with Rebecca St. James

Hachette-Faith Publishing/Sept 2009

Loved! is a book full of real stories of forgiveness.  Each story has the posivite ending of a life saved by Jesus Christ.  Each story offers hope of renewal and restoration.  Written for all those who feat that God can't or won't forgive them for what they did, Loved! is a book of hope.

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A Saavy Christian's Guide To Life

by Tracey D Lawrence

The Savvy Christian’s Guide to Life is a creative tutorial to help you when you need just a little more information on a topic to practically respond to life’s dilemmas. As Christians, we are called to live by our convictions, not just verbalize them. But certain situations can be complicated and sometimes we may require a little help jumpstarting our brain.

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The Good Life Discussion Guide with Charles Colson and Harold Fickett

by Tracey D Lawrence

Join Charles Colson as he explores these questions and more . . .  

This discussion guide helps individuals and small groups answer some of life's greatest questions: What makes life worth living? Where did I come from? Why am I here? What gives my life meaning? Where do I find truth? Answers to these questions directly affect how we live and whether our lives will count for something. This book discussion guide is intentionally designed to encourage dialogue between believers and seekers about worldview issues such as wealth and power, individualism and sacrifice, conscience and morality, and postmodernism and truth.

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SisterFreaks: Stories of Women Who Gave Up Everything for God. (Released October 2005!)

Tracey D. Lawrence-contributing author with Rebecca St. James

Bios of young Christian girls suffering for their faith, featuring contemporary profiles as well as historical examples such as: Joan of Arc, young teen warrior; Mary, the mother of Jesus; and Irene Gut, a Holocaust heroine. (Time Warner)

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Playing God?:  Facing the Everyday Ethical Dilemmas of Biotechnology

with Chuck Colson
by Tracey D. Lawrence

This dynamic multimedia study brings Charles Colson, one of the foremost voices in America on the topic of integrating faith and life, and Nigel M. de S. Cameron, Ph.D., a highly respected bioethics expert, to your class or group! In this easy-to-learn format, they introduce bioethical topics and the Christian faith, and talk about how a worldview applies to these topics. The two dispel myths with solid, accurate information. And participants are motivated to talk about cloning, in-vitro fertilization, stem-cell research, euthanasia, the future, and more! Serious topics--deep on insight--are sure to get everyone involved, thinking, and realizing they understand these hot issues a little bit differently than they did before. Participants will discover how bioethical topics are relevant to them, and they'll have a better appreciation for God's precious creation--life!

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CounterCultural Christians: Exploring a Christian Worldview  with Chuck Colson
By Tracey D. Lawrence

We are in an age of the church where we are more impacted by other worldviews than our own Christian worldview. This 12-week study is designed for a small group setting, including media to enhance the learning experience. Participants will grasp underlying belief systems that impact how people view the world around them, then dig into Scripture to guide their conclusions. This study will help group memebers to develop a Christian worldview and transform culture.

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CounterCultural Christians: Exploring a Christian Worldview (YOUTH MINISTRY EDITION)  with Chuck Colson
By Tracey D. Lawrence

Help your teens examine their Christian worldview, and the views of those around them. How do they answer important questions, such as: Is there a God and does it matter? Are there moral absolutes? Are people basically good? Here are 12 sessions for teens with compelling discussions and Bible studies. Teenagers can be spiritually discerning and live as strong and bold Christains! Show teens how to share their faith. Help teens learn to live for Christ in a non-Christian world. Perfect for use in small groups, youth nights, retreats, or Sunday school.

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